Friday, August 3, 2012


We left for tour more than a week ago. Sorry for not posting the dates earlier. This list will be updated as more shows get booked. See you soon! We'll have copies of the Phone Home LP and the last of Hoop Dreams. Tour has been amazing so far. I'll post a bunch of pics soon.

We'll be touring the Midwest and East Coast with Sed Non Satiata (France)
Check em out here...

7/23 Oakland, CA @ 1234 GO w/Summer Vacation, Sourpatch
7/26 Portland, OR @ Garfield House w/Beach Party, Sun Drugs
7/29 Olympia, WA @ Palace Flophouse WA w/Replica, Outlook, White Wards
7/30 Seattle, WA @ The Black Lodge w/ Murmers, Slatwall
2 Minneapolis, MN @ Th Beat w/Joyce Manor, Arms Aloft
8/3 Milwaukee, WI @ Scheme City w/Sed Non Satita
8/4 Chicago, IL @ GNARFEST w/too many bands
8/5 Cleveland, OH @ Dag House w/Sed Non Satiata, THF
8/6 Pittsburgh, PA @ Intermission Lounge w/Sed Non Satiata, Icon Gallery
8/7 Lancaster, PA @ MPD w/Sed Non Satiata, We Were Skeletons, Caution Children
8/8 Montclair, NJ @ The Meat Locker w/Sed Non Satiata, Capacities, Caution Children
8/9 Boston, MA @ Wacky Castle w/Sed Non Satiata, Sneeze
8/10 Philly, PA @ TBA w/Sed Non Satiata
8/11 Long Island NY @ House w/Sed Non , Sister Kisser
8/12 Baltimore, MD @ Charm City w/Sed Nom Satiata
8/13 Leesburg, VA @ House w/Seed Non Satiata, Tideland, Pizza
8/14 Kings Dominion Roller Coasters w/Sed Non Satiata 
8/15 Louisville, KY @ Solidarity w/Sed Non Satiata
8/16 St. Louis, MO @ Some Place w/Sed Non Satiata
8/17 Charleston, IN @ Simpler Times w/Sed Non Satiata
8/18 Chicago, IL @ TBA w/Sed Non Satiata
8/19 Springfield @ House w/Our Lady
8/20 Kandas City @ House w/ESP
8/21 Denver, Co @ Rhinoceropolis w/Chase Ambler
8/22 Salt Lake City @ TBA 
8/23 Reno @ TBA


  1. There's a perfect small band venue in Toledo Ohio called Frankie's Inner City. You guys should see about a gig there.


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  3. I just found one of your cassette tapes and have been listening in my car!! How did it end up in Columbus Indiana ?