Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hoop Dreams, West Coast Tour


A little news....

Our debut full length, entitled Hoop Dreams, is going to be coming out at the end of the month on both tape and cd format. Mountain Man Records will be putting out the tape version. Pissart Records will be putting out the cd version. Plans for an LP version are in the works. Check back for updates.

At the end of the month we'll be doing several shows on the west coast with Edhochuli from PA.

3/19/10 in Oakland, CA @ The Yellow Room w/Edhochuli, Rogue State, and Beau Navire
3/20/10 in San Francisco, CA @ Thrillhouse Records w/Edhochuli
3/21/10 in San Jose, CA @ Texas Toast w/Edhochuli, Rogue State, and Matsuri
3/22/10 in Santa Rosa, CA @ North Bay Film Art Collective w/Edhochuli
3/23/10 in Arcata, CA @ The Fire House w/Edhochuli, They Came At Dawn
3/24/10 in fart drive
3/25/10 in Portland, OR @ Garfield House w/Edhochuli, Carrion Spring
3/26/10 in Portland, OR @ Duckett's w/ Edhochuli, Wooden Teeth
3/27/10 in Olympia, WA @ Mango House w/Edhochuli, Livingston Seagull
3/28/10 in Seattle, WA @ The FiftyTwenty House w/Edhochuli