Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sloppy tour European Tour reflections pt. 1

Today marks the 16th day of tour. We're at a venue in Czech Republic right now and it's pouring out. In a little over 2 weeks we've played 15 shows in 9 countries and been fed 32 times.

It's been 5 days and 3 countries since writing the previous sentence. None of this is in order anymore. Fuck it. Tour is fun. At the end

Look how healthy we look. This is at a Pierre and Cecile's house in Toulon, France.
Before the first show.

We went sight seeing in Paris.
This blog is out of order already.

Given a practice spot in France to jam at for a few days.

This is what we saw exiting the practice space.

People made us feel at home.

Looking fancy in Milano, Italy at the squat we played.

Finishing up the merch 6,000 miles from home.

The morning after our show in Slovenia. We played in the former location of
a jail that was used by Italy during WWII

Slovenia still


Everyone already knows this but cops suck everywhere.
In Croatia a cop pulled us over because "your van is too heavy".
He demanded that we pay 150 euros on the spot or wait 24 hours to contest the ticket.
Because he knew we were in a rush and didn't have time to contest the ticket we had to pay this dickhead the money on the spot. Fuck it.

The venue in Ljubljana, Slovenia



Hanging out at castles. No big deal.

hanging by a river cool

treated like royalty

again and again

Sweetest folks

baby shower

Still Italy

no sleep till whatever

Breakfast is served in Hungary

I don't know why Jon wanted Brum to punch him in the face.
Still a really good looking dude.

Always 100% babe.

Leo found us in Rijeka, Croatia. We were lost. He guided us back to The Molekule on his bicycle.

Jaka from Pivka, Slovenia came to our show in Crotia. Rad times.

Andrej also came. Love this guy. Thanks to all the other people from Slovenia
who treated us like family while we were in the east... Luka, Jure, Misha, Tea, Marko, Laki, Anna. Miss you already.

Prague, Czech Republic

Cop, Cat, Van, Jon, Prague.

gettin buff at the gas station
tour muzzels

Everywhere in Poland

We travelled halfway around the planet
so that we could take pictures of ourselves crowd surfing bars and dancing
on tables.



One of our favorite things about touring Europe is how everyday
we learn something new about the history of whatever country we're playing.
There's also castles. Everywhere. Even at gas stations.

Polish Royalty

Gene Hackman in some castle courtyard

So this is where things get kind of weird. We got to our show in Lodz, Poland and there was an unusual amount of people hanging out at the venue hours in advance of show time. Most of the people there were model types walking around looking kind of stressed and people dressed up in really hip expensive looking clothing. And funny haircuts.
There were also a few security guards walking around. Jacob and I went next door to a restaurant with a New York theme. When we got back to the venue an hour later and there were more models and no punks hanging out.
Long story short, we found out half way through our set that we were playing the official after party for Fashion Week in Poland.
We ended up having a lot of fun and partying until 6 in the morning and people kept mistaking us for celebrities, but in the process I lost my camera and journal. So there are hardly any photos from the night and I no longer have a nice digital camera to shoot on. All of my shitty poetry is gone too. Wah wah.

Jacob posing in front of the
K Mag Wall at Fashion Week

We had a day off in Warsaw and the people that we're staying with happened to be bike messengers. Daria and Karrol took us out to a bar and in the morning they gave let me borrow a bike so that I could shadow them while they worked. Just like being at home!
Except not at all.

I didn't actual do that many tags and I didn't make that much funny money.
Big poseur.

Liben, Poland... this show ruled. Sorry we never take pictures of ourselves while we're playing. But this thing rules.

Nice place

Food before rockin

Gas after

Castle hunting

Then we said goodbye to Daria, Karrol and Kasha. Bye.

Drove 15 hours to Berlin, Germany and this was awaiting us

And Robert from Adagio830 brought us copies of the Phone Home LP
The show as awesome and just like all the other ones that we haven't taken pictures of.

Stayed at this awesome place

Berlin Wall

More walls

At the record store. Didn't spend any money.

In Doeblin, Germany. Someone finally took a picture of us playing music.