Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Phone Home lyrics/download, Paris video, and European acoustic shows


It's been really hard to keep up with this blog from the road, but there will be another blog coming soon with lots of pictures. Sorry for the lag. As of now the European tour is officially over and we've all gone our separate ways. Brum is back in Oakland. Jon is back in Pittsburgh and just celebrated his birthday! Al is somewhere in the wilderness of France or Germany? Jacob is doing the same. Clement is back in Toulon, France and I'm hanging out in Madrid, Spain for the moment.

I will be playing Big Kids songs on acoustic guitar in these places...
6/14 Madrid, Spain
6/17 Stuttgart, Germany
6/20 Berlin, Germany
6/25 Paris, France

And here are the lyrics to our new LP Phone Home

Pier 14 Locals

I'll be there in spirit tomorrow like you were here

today searching for a friend in a landscape of fear casting a line in

coldest June city on the west coast I'll be lucky to catch a warm bed

that lasts longer than it takes to heat my cramped cell with an electric

blanket taped to the mattress as the end of this transmission approaches

I've got to find a hole before this shift is over.

Reflecting on Ejection

Wake up in the middle of the night strange apartment naked cold

gonna go for a walk I'm gonna go for a walk down an unfamiliar hallway

Try to look casual as the guarantee to fail settles into position

sleepwalk to the bathroom I am lost don't expect to be found

anytime tomorrow is only gonna bring more of the same A reverse paradise

awaits my aging hands knuckles raw at the cracks from holding onto some

old joke too hard it's too bad who cares I know I don't. Relentless

sloppy archer still haven't called it a night just a little slack for

breakfast is all that I'm aiming for is that too much to ask Try to look

casual as the guarantee to fail settles into position sleepwalk to the

bathroom A reverse paradise awaits my aging hands knuckles raw from

holding onto some old joke


Hate to say it face to face so

I won't but it's been filling me up like an abrupt end to a losing

streak life sentence exchanged for an early release Caught with all

defenses down hadn't given thought to the possibility of such a direct

hit and now that I've been cornered don't know how to handle it Maybe

it's the growing mess that I've been collecting maybe it's the fact that

I can't afford to lose another anchor The only thing keeping this damn

intact is my fear of leaving in reverse cause every room that I settle

my bags down in turns into a fire drill Otherwise I wouldn't be keeping

this distance I'd get wrapped up but instead I'm keeping my mouth shut

Dad's Datsun

Today might just be the greatest day of my life the

peak is approaching weaving it's way up my spine your voice is a harp

we've acquired the phaser Today is the first day of a new life the pod

has arrived let's keep the blood flowing This joyride is what I've

always wanted to believe that we were born we were born to cruise

through the fire unscathed We were born to cruise and that's probably

why this feels right won't land in the same place now that I've seen the

purple sky

I am a Romantic Comedy Dude

Salting every snail casting

off all calls trading open windows for moldy walls stuttered to start

overshot the finish rolled off my back hustle to switch sure I'm gonna

miss Can't tell a story without sounding static lied when I said had it

that was just me hitting panic fucking up giving in That was just me

cropped myself out of every picture just being honest Every trip

neglected to take every friend ignored every chance misplaced every call

I neglected to take Newspaper waits for the yellow I'm watching the future

narrow Cropped myself out of every picture throwing albums to the fire

Wasted every warm bed passing out spoiling the sound letting everyone

bumming everyone out Stuttered to start overshot the finish rolled off

my back hustled to switch Sure I'm gonna miss

Catcher's Mitt

I know

who you used to be This new head isn't fooling me this new face could

never take the place of the mess you left Forging an honest change of

heart might as well be quoting a line from the most pedestrian sitcom

Thought we left that shit in detention guess you failed to mention your

37 year plan It was carved in a desk


Adderall is all that I need to feel complete


I'm the one you always see sound asleep on

the train car shakes the creeps along I'm the one dozing off in line

with my headphones on a tired friend in disguise I'm the drifter the

wound in your scheme the stain that you can't clean I'm the fire in your

sleep invisible mock your facist peace You're the circuit I'm the jammer

a wrench in what you're selling You're the circuit I'm the jammer can't

sell me anything you can't sell me Don't let the threshold plummet every

pile deleted is a step in the direction away from the static momentum

step away from Coming to terms with this back is just as vulnerable as

yours My bearers never said it'd be easy never said it I remember the

porch from the old house where I formed the curve slept on it till the

new owners filled the lot It was you it was them was everyone then

the knife welding pond now

I'm the thief the wound and the blowback


Used to be the one needed let the lack of circulation cripple me

Didn't understand just how self destructive a short lens can be It's not

where you sleep that determines your place in the chaos it's the

strength of your resilience that makes the biggest difference

Used to play the victim constantly when they took my parents house I cried my

eyes out It's taken coming up on 3 decades to realize that you can never

push or pull hard enough all positions fixed omnipresent pressure

Best bet is aiming to die laughing

42 Hours to 2073

It's hard to care

about what's happening when everything that I'm missing is at least

8 of the widest states away

42 hours if we don't sleep

Fuck The Party

I'm staying home more often undercover an uneasy truce points in the

direction of me leaving this city Grainy films tell a story that I don't

belong to you don't belong here either And I'm coming to terms with this

empty gut makes me cautious as a viewer Historic facade(i mispronounced it on purpose dude)

postcard perfection scene rotting from the inside out street And the house foreclosed will fill up

with a house party where all the kids can congregate you can catch me in the

corner brooding and disgusted I'm just as bad as everyone else And I'm

coming to terms with this empty gut makes me cautious as a viewer And

when I lay down tonight I'll keep dreaming about what I never cared to

be a part of and the hand I played in it cool.

Full Gainer

You're going to hell I'm going to hell Been slipping through the cracks You've

been diving into the center for as long as I've known you got your bathing suit on and you're ready to jump into the warmest natural body of water with all of your friends We're going to hell.