Sunday, July 10, 2011

The final incomplete European tour blog

The final incomplete European blog. Nothing is in order. Thanks to everyone that helped make our tour possible especially Clement. One of the greatest things I've ever been a part of.

Big Kids

Next up West Coast tour in September and then a US tour in the fall!

Getting denied at the UK border

Drying off on Omaha Beach in Normandy

Running on water in Normandy

Lots of pictures of Normandy

Little Mermaid Castle

I think this is somewhere in Czech Republic

Definitely Slovakia. Probably.

That guy in the Slayer shirt. Life of the party.

Jacob playing John in Pilzen, Czech Republic!!!!


More of Pilzen.

Hanging out in Vienna. No big deal.

A spaceship Church

And no ice cream?

Food before the show in Munich

Show in Munich

Carving shit in old brick factories

Look at that flyer

The old guy made him smoke hash

Warsaw, Poland

Brum's Sister in Netherlands

Not enough food pictures in this blog so yeah...

Aachen, Germany with Marc!

Brum in Aachen

We all got really good at pissing in 2 liter bottles on this tour


Dan Africa!!!!!!!!

Passed out before the show.


outside the show in Cain, France


more France and more bread

Lyon, France

Somewhere in Spain


jumping off stuff into the Mediterranean


Clements parent's were sweet. And really wanted to get us wasted.

Al embarks on his post tour adventure

I don't know