Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter Tour w/Algernon Step 2.... The Bay blah blah blah

Back home and still on tour is always a weird place to be. Drove straight from Joe's house in Venice to Al's house in Oakland. I think, but I'm not sure because almost a week has gone by now. Arrived at Cloud City in SF sometime in the early evening and loaded our shit right away so as not to waste any hang time. Adam and Clark were setting shit up. Blah blah blah. The inside of their warehouse looks like a scene from Jumanji. If you're on drugs. A bunch of folks came out to the show and we all partied really hard. Playing all ages shows where the crowd in attendance actually is all ages (as in I don't feel old because everyone in the room is 10 years younger than me) rules. More shit happened and then we drove home. I think Koalacaust and Summer Blondes both killed it. Here's a photo of us blah blah blah.

Saturday morning a bunch of folks went to The Hive and cooked breakfast. Comatose persisted until the show at Gilman. Summer Blondes played again, as well as Yi and Sourpatch. Everyone brought serious jammage, but due to a seriously sleepy crowd the show was pretty tame, especially compared to the day before's rager. I didn't really care because I was getting sick and Joe was already in full on sick faced zombie mode. Fun regardless. That night we tried to sneak into playing some house party in Oakland but opted out after casing the place and realizing that if we brought in our equipment there was a good chance that one of the sketchy bros there was probably going to rob us. Passed a group of weirdo 98 style flat bill backpack obviously still live with their parents hip hopper dudes flowing about the streets and looking quasi-tough. Went to another party and hung out for a while. No pizza, but there was tacos.

Sunday morning. I don't remember much of it. I was supposed to screen some shirts. Didn't do it. Maximum hangovers and a day trip to Twin Peaks where we took more group pictures and harassed the other tourists.

Show in Santa Cruz was outdoors. Everyone was really fucking cold. It was good. End of story. Gave hugs to Koalacaust. Everybody stayed in Santa Cruz except for Al and I because we had to go to work on Monday. Biggest bummer of the tour. I think we both got sent home early so... Blah blah blah. Got to San Jose sometime in the late afternoon and the show RULED. The folks who live at Texas Toast in San Jose are one of my favorite groups of people that are active in the punk community and I couldn't have been happier with the way our show worked out. Maybe it's cliche to say this, but that was the most awesome sweaty packed garage show we've had in a long time and reminded me of why I do this in the first place. I was having so much fun shot gunning beers and dancing in the fog that I forget to grab my guitar when we left. Whatever. The folks at the house are holding onto it for me. Algernon slamdunked the shit out of that place.

The next morning we all lagged really hard. Thought about screening those shirts again. Thought about paying the bills. Turned on the shower, but our water heater wasn't working, so I just sat around in my dirty underwear half ready for a shower. Picked up dudes and took off for the show in Santa Rosa. We were late. Missed happy hour at the russian river brewery. The show space was looking high class as fuck. I played on the internet attempting to start some work on the blog but didn't get very far. The New Trust was the only other band on the show besides us and Algernon so music didn't start until a little after nine. 5 minutes before we were supposed to go was when I realized that I didn't have my guitar with me. Didn't do any drugs, didn't have anything to drink. Burned out early. Sara and Josh were nice enough to hook me up with a bunch of meds and apples. The next morning we didn't have a show, but we did have a whole day to lose our minds north on the 5. I was happy to be away from work and away from this guy especially.

The day started out easy. Tacos for breakfast. Rolling hills and no rain. The drive from the bay area to Portland is my favorite on the west coast and I was excited to share it with the east coast folks. Our destination was Weed, Ca where we were planning on getting a cabin or cheap motel for the night. A couple hours from our destination things got really weird. I'll post something about that really soon. Here's some more pictures.


  1. do you have more pics from the san Jose show?

  2. yeah dude hella. When I have some extra time, I'll go through and post all the pictures from all the shows in a flickr account.